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Live and Work at Uptown Lofts

It’s no surprise that when we tinker with the idea of working where we live, many imagine an undesirable intersecting of our living quarters and office space (or the makeshift office we created in our dining rooms – eek!). In actuality, the growing trend of the modern-day work/live practice is much more attractive.

Opting for a work/live alternative can be a deterrent for those yearning to get back to the way things were. However, it can be extremely beneficial to anyone who hates sitting in traffic, loves the environment, or enjoys working with other creative professionals. We have compiled the best reasons to choose the work/live lifestyle at Uptown Lofts.

It’s trendy

Yes, this is a pro! Nothing says my small business is on the up-and-up like one that is set in an upscale property, within a chic neighbourhood, with contemporary layouts. More than that, multi-use residential and commercial buildings are quietly popping up around Winnipeg, and they provide so many great options for small business owners or professionals with private practices.

You can measure your commute in footsteps

Nothing can be more stressful than having to drive to and from work every day. Burning out as a result is completely normal and happens more often than we think. Using public transportation is no exception. Your route usually takes much longer, especially if you need to transfer between buses. Working where you live frees up that extra time and helps reduce your carbon footprint. Kudos to you!

Add flexibility to your budget

When you’re not filling your gas tank every other day or paying extra for insurance, you have more money in your pocket to do more important things like hire an employee or two. Being able to expand on a scale that fits your growing business can be the key that takes you to the next step in your career. At Uptown Lofts, we are offering up to four customizable office spaces, perfect for your small business or private practice.

Work with other creatives

Nothing says comradery like working alongside other professionals in a creative setting. This fosters opportunities for collaboration on large projects or initiatives, cross-promoting your individual services, or coming together on a community-based venture.

Gone are the days of structured working regimens. Creative approaches to mixed workspaces are changing the way we work and live, which is giving life to brands and elevating the customer experience. Are you ready to discover how working where you live can benefit you and your business? Check out the new office spaces at Uptown Lofts and take advantage of the new trend that is changing how entrepreneurs do business!

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