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Top 5 Interior Décor Must-Haves

We can all agree that the most exciting part of moving into a new place is decorating it and making it our own, right?! The one thing we don’t always account for is how tiring and overwhelming it can get when we have to choose every little detail on our own.

To make your decoration process a bit easier we’ve come up with our top five interior décor must-haves.

Statement lighting

Lighting can totally change the atmosphere of an environment. A nice floor lamp or even a small accent light will always add personality and set the mood of your room.

A good rug

In addition to making a room cozy and more stylish, a good rug can help determine color schemes and separate different areas of a larger room.

Big mirrors

Mirrors are a great way to make your space look brighter and more spacious. They create a focal point and can add a unique style to a room according to the frame.

A nice plant

Whether it be a tall floor plant or a delicate orchid arrangement, plants are a great option to bring life and add a pop of color in a room. Beyond their aesthetic, plants can also reduce toxins in the air and improve its quality.

A cozy throw blanket

Aside from keeping you warm and comfy, a throw blanket is a nice way to add color, pattern, and texture to any interior. Hang it on the back of a chair or toss it on the arm of a sofa to elevate your room.

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